Issue 002

Lunchtime Concerts in Middleton Hall Foyer

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By James Cardie This trimester, a host of musically endowed students returned to Middleton Hall Foyer with the hope to brighten up what would otherwise be an abundance of (probably)…

Rafael Mendes-Browne shares the secrets behind his new sound.

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By Maisie Scannell From gigging on his own to now performing with a band, singer-songwriter, Rafael Mendes-Browne, also a third-year Music student, has come a long way in the past…

“REALLY COLOURFUL AND FUNNY SOMETIMES”: Halsey’s adventure through her own mind is raw, unpredictable and polished.

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By Eeshaan Singh-Basu We all have our demons, tucked away in the little corners of our minds, our personalities, our lives. Halsey lets hers loose on the world in Manic.…

Tarantino Returns

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By Tabitha Topping Tarantino returns to center stage with the long-awaited Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The film embodies Tarantino’s obsession with the disturbing yet decadent world that is…

Ricky Gervais – disaster or godsend for award season?

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By Peter Knight As award season draws to a close for another year some notable moments stand out from the Golden Globes, Oscars, BAFTAS and Academy Awards. The season began…

Controversy and Confusion Over Proposed Cambridge University Military and Firearms Ban

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By Peter Knight Cambridge University Students’ Union found itself amid a confusing controversy after a vote was passed to ban all union societies and external organisations from bringing firearms to…

Students and Union Reps Join Climate Strike to Raise Awareness of Environmental Issues

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By Peter Knight The 14th February saw students from Hull University Students’ Union take part in a nationwide protest coordinated by the UK Student Climate Network led by Isobel Hall,…

SPAR is going eco-friendly

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By Maddie Callaghan Moaning about spending 12p for a plastic bag? Well, don’t buy them then! With the ongoing climate situation and many people making small changes to lower their…

Hull gets its claim to fame

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By Alice Longton Even after the excitement and fortuity of City of Culture, I still think that Hull isn’t as well known as it should. Obviously, it’s no London, but…

A Mental Health Crisis

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Hull’s jokey confessions page has been hit with a much more serious topic recently. Students' mental health. Photo: Dustin Belt In order to offer more help, HullCare was born. Mental…

Hull University Dance Squad perform their ‘Tune In’ show to sold-out crowd

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By Alice Johnson In the run-up to the Christmas break, approximately 80 dancers from the Hull University Dance Squad (HUDS) performed their sold-out ‘Tune In’ show at St Mary’s College.…

Club Focus: Hull University Cycling Club

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By Charlie Cole The Athletic Union at Hull Union provides opportunities for students to participate in many different sports and is a way to relax and socialise away from the…

AU Teams Continue Fantastic Charity Work

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By Simon Thompson Every year Hull Students’ Union Athletic Club finds innovative ways to raise money for important charitable causes.  Photo: Hull University Union Most recently, the Amateur Boxing Club…

The Froot: A blast from the past with a (salient) eye on the future

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By James Cardie With a prevalent subpopulation of long-haired gentlemen, the best alternative nightclub in the known universe (that being Spiders, of course), an abundance of live music venues—the famed…

Can’t you read? What Parasite’s success means for the future of international films.

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By Alice Longton Hands up, who watches awards shows? Who actually, positively, wholeheartedly loves to sit around the television with a nice cup of tea to watch celebrities with no…

The Top 5 Binge-worthy series on Netflix

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By Maddie Callaghan As a third-year student, I would love to be able to say that I’m not a Netflix addict. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case. Between lectures, it’s…

Interview with Tom Walton – music success after University

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“When you get it right, the endorphins skyrocket! You feel like you’re on top of the world”: Tom Walton talks Disco, Garage and the feeling of playing an awesome set.…

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