By Zafirah Zulfiqar

President of Education- Communicating with the University on issues regarding education.

The President of Education is responsible for lobbying the University on issues regarding education, such as the Library, timetables, or exams. They are required to actively take notice of changes regarding higher education and are responsible for all issues regarding academic representation within HUSU. They are responsible for “the development, implementation and revision of academic strategy within the Union”.

The President of Education is head of the education zone, and is on the board of trustees as a “Sabbatical Trustee”. They support and recruit Faculty Reps, Postgraduate Research Reps and Course Reps. This individual must work with the President of Inclusivity and Diversity to help the University “reduce the awarding gap”. The President of Education is also responsible for the interpretation of metrics (such as feedback and surveys) in order to improve student experience of University, and manage HUSU’s strategy in response to the metrics. They are also required to work alongside the President of Opportunities to implement and support Academic Societies.

This individual is required to support and represent students’ best interests when it comes to their education.


Chloe Fenton

Campaign Slogan: “Vote Chloe #1 for President of Education! For Positive Change, Support and Putting You First!”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Making education accessible for people from different backgrounds
  • Improving the library family room
  • Changing Library open times
  • Long and short term laptop borrowing scheme
  • Supporting student futures through careers fairs and postgraduate studies


‘Dayo Ibrahim

Campaign Slogan: “Vote ‘DAYO Ibrahim #1 for President of Education! ME & YOU, let us ACT now to enjoy this journey!”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Improving student orientation
  • Using HUSU’s media to provide academic engagement
  • Ensuring timetables are well organised
  • Helping international students adapt to a new education system
  • Support faculty and course reps


Sami Moon

Campaign Slogan: “I’m over the Moon to be running for your President of Education, #Moonforeducationpres”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Create more learning zones for parents
  • Improve engagement in academic societies
  • Improve communication between students, Course Reps and lecturers to improve modules
  • Setting up Mentoring schemes
  • Create an environment where everyone feels welcome


You can read each candidate’s full manifesto here.