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12th May 2021

The BRITs 2021 – Women Dominate in a History-Making Night to Remember.

1st May 2021

An Interview with Miles Salter

1st May 2021

Nothing To Be Afraid Of: My experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine

1st May 2021

The Magic of Dungeons and Dragons

1st May 2021

Ma’khia Bryant

1st May 2021

When Fandoms Become Toxic: Pop Cultures Dark side

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The Hullfire is the free, official student publication of Hull University Union. Newly established as a society, it has never been easier to get involved. Written and edited by the students, for the students, anyone can take part. Whether you’re passionate about Sports, Music, Current Affairs or you just want to write a one-off piece, we’re always welcoming new writers, digital editors, proofreaders more. We’re completely independent and aim to provide a balanced reflection of the diverse student experience with no political bias, so the possibilities to get involved are endless! Get in touch today.

Got a story? We’d love to hear from you

Our governing documents state that we’re free to question and investigate the actions of the student union and the University of Hull, alongside being a platform for students to raise issues that concern the student body, and we work with an independent media lawyer to ensure our content is legal.

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