24th October

Something about going to see new, up and coming musicians perform is just totally unbeatable. Discovering new artists, the atmosphere, the performances. Gigs like these are the heartbeat of the live music scene, and Plant Names and P&B were a reminder as to just how brilliant local gigs are.

O’Rileys is the perfect nostalgic grassroots indie venue. Emulating everything that made me fall in love with live music and local venues in my teens.

Plant Names is a solo artist from London, and a music student at the university of Hull. He made his live debut at O’Rileys, and with an effortless and quirky stage presence, Plant Names’ set the scene for his ambient, genre-bending style. He performed a mixed set of covers and original songs, a number of which had only been written in recent weeks, attesting to Plant Names’ easy and confident approach. His original songs had an incredible depth and an almost celestial vibe, with intoxicatingly dreamy guitar parts and soft candid vocals.

Plant Names’ music is reminiscent of the dreamy indie music scene, but with an eclectic, individual twist; with influences including Dijon and Alex G, and a sound comparable to Gengahr and Mac de Marco. If you’re a fan of dreamy indie, ambient guitar music and chilled out vibey tunes, then Plant Names is artist to put on your radar.

Following Plant Names, acoustic singer-songwriter duo P&B (or Paris and Bob), also played a mixed set of covers and originals. The guitar parts from Bob were clean and bright, and the perfect accompaniment to his own, and Paris’s vocals. Their voices complemented each other without competing; their respective musical styles each working to uplift the others. Paris’s vocals were electrifying; she performed with a fire that kept you hanging on every note. P&B have a clean cut and upbeat music style, and their original songs are so brilliantly written it’s hard to believe they haven’t been working together for years.


Kat Birch

Photo Credit: Kat Birch