Written by Ben Coleman


Attention all Freshers! Now that you’re getting comfortable with your new accommodation, your new university and your new friends; it’s time to get adventurous! What better way to start than with food.


Trinity Market resides in the town centre, nuzzled up next to (you guessed it) Trinity Square and the Hull Minster. Originally opened in 1907, the market underwent extensive renovation in 2017 and has returned with massive success following the Covid-19 Pandemic. That’s enough about history and geography though, you can google just as well as me. This is about the food!

Where to begin? The pure range of culinary delights, all housed under one collective roof is staggering. Do you want a Greek gyro? Sure! Pork, chicken or halloumi wrapped in a delightfully fluffy pitta along with fresh salad, crispy chips and that sumptuous creation, fuelled with the power of all the Greek Gods, that is tzatziki. Well, then it’s time for you to head over to Greko.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a loaded pizza, calzone or a piping hot panini stuffed to the brim with molten cheese and spicy pepperoni. Then Allessandro’s Italian Bakery is the choice for you. Not to mention the delightful desserts on offer including my favourite: chocolate and pistachio cannoli.

I understand though, you’ve eaten enough European food in your time, you want to try out a different continent. Then why not try Cheng & Chen for a mouth-watering dish of crispy Korean fried chicken, tossed and glossy in their spicy homemade sauce, served alongside white rice and pak choi. I cannot recommend this one enough! The delightful cuisines of Mexico, India and America are also on display here, I simply do not have the word count to salivate over them all.

But I know what you’re saying: ‘Ben, I’m a vegetarian/vegan, what am I meant to eat here?’ Well, what a perfectly timed question because I have the answer. Falafia is where to be if you’re in the mood for fresh and healthy falafel served in either wraps or vegan dhal or stew.

Now that you’ve licked your fingers after destroying your chosen dish, your stomach is satiated with the pure satisfaction of enjoying this hidden gem, maybe you’ve unbuttoned your jeans and you’re hoping your autumnal jumper will cover it… but what is this? Something is lodged firmly in your mouth that needs to be satisfied. Ah yes, your sweet tooth! Cocoa Chocolatier and Bakehouse offer exactly what you would expect, delivered in sensational quality. Debbie’s Sweet Cabin hosts every imaginable brand of traditional sweets. Tart Me Up for the playfully named sweet tarts and scones.

I hope, coming to the end here, that I have persuaded you to just try this fantastic gem that Hull has to offer! I apologise in advance for the inevitable damage your waistline will suffer but it’s going to be winter soon! Extra layers are always needed!


Photo Credit: Thomas Le via Unsplash