By Kat Birch

Chair of Union Council: Raises and supports student voice.

The primary role of the Chair of the Union Council is to Chair the Union Council meetings, and to facilitate student democracy. They work to encourage student submissions to the Council, and act as a direct link between members of the Union Council and the wider student body.

Responsibilities for the Chair of Union Council include;

  • Making sure that all Council Members are properly trained,
  • Ensuring the student body is consulted on their democracy,
  • Helping to promote the democracy within the body.

This role is key in ensuring students are involved in democratic processes, helping to guarantee that HUSU represents our voices as students.


Rafik Soualmi

Campaign Slogan: “We, Hull, Together. Vote #1 as your voice for change, accountability and transparency”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Prioritise the voice of the student community.
  • Encourage student engagement with the Union Council.
  • Improve student understanding of the functions and structure of the Union.


Frankie Williams

Campaign Slogan: “Vote Frankie #1 A voice for change”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Creating a safe space for communicating and dealing with concerns.
  • Pledge to “put aside an hour every month to meet with students and have an open social media channel to facilitate these important discussions”.
  • To debunk the complexity of union politics


You can read each candidates full manifesto here.