By Zafirah Zulfiqar

President of Union Development- Supports the development of the Union 

HUSU’s standing order requires the President of Union Development to interpret HUSU’s By-Laws in order to encourage student participation, liaise with the University, and bring about change in the Union. This individual must “be responsible for and take an active role in Union strategy, strategic planning, development, and researching best practice”.

The President of Union Development is head of the Union Development Zone and serves on the Board of Trustees as a “Sabbatical Trustee”.They alsohold a voting membership of both University Council and University Senate. They are required to act on changes regarding Universities in order to support students, from a welfare perspective. They are responsible for the Union’s stance on matters relating to Housing, the environment, campus safety, and mental health. This individual must regularly review HUSU’s “governance, development and action plans”.

The President of Union development is also an official spokesperson for the Students Union and may be engaged in local, regional or national media in a representative role.

The President of Union Development is responsible for representing students’ interests to the University and to the Student Union, as well as on a regional and national stage so it’s important that this individual is focussed on amplifying students’ voices and campaigning to better students’ experiences at University.


Raji Destiny


Key Manifesto Points:

  • Improving accommodation for those on and off campus,
  • Create more avenues for students to find jobs
  • Improving transport routes and prices
  • Providing better mental health support for students
  • Making International students feel at home


Hayley Elahee

Campaign Slogan: “Hey there! I’m Hayley and I’m asking you to vote me your #1 so we can create a safe B.A.S.E!”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Providing students with financial aid through the cost of living crisis
  • Better pop-ups and advice centres for students
  • Improving student safety at local nightlife
  • Providing better mental health support
  • Creating alternative and accessible accommodation

Tunmise Oyewale

Campaign Slogan: “Vote TUNMISE as #1 President for Union Development for improved Mental Health & Cost of living support”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Support students with the cost of living crisis
  • Improve and diversify mental health support
  • Develop new communication channels for students
  • Represent Students at university board meetings and at union council
  • Accommodation support

You can read each candidates full manifesto here.