By Melissa S.A.Nwagbo

President of Inclusivity and diversity: Ensures the inclusion and representation of different groups of people.

The President of Inclusivity and Diversity acts as the primary representative on all issues pertaining to equality, inclusion and diversity. They speak for all genders, ethnicities, religions and all those protected characteristics within the 2010 Equality Act, while still maintaining equality and non-discrimination. They would make sure that the union is accessible and offers a variety of events all year long to honour students.

The President of Inclusivity and Diversity works with the President Team and HUSU Staff and Volunteers, to lobby the University to make sure the Students’ voices are heard and that minorities are not ignored.

Apart from creating diverse programmes, they would ensure that international and national campaigns for change are accessible to student and would consult with their president team and t students in their various backgrounds to ensure that their views are heard.

As a student, The President of Inclusivity and Diversity should be there for you, to support and listen to your ideas, and to help ensure that you have a positive experience as a student throughout your study year – regardless of the colour of your skin, the country of your birth, or the gender you identify as.

They lead on matters relating to sexual assault, harassment and discrimination, in collaboration with the President of Union Development.


Ghost Hudman

Campaign slogan: “Don’t be transparent! Vote Ghost for better wellbeing, inclusion and accessibility”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Create a more structured and supported backbone for support networks.
  • Introduce a diversity council where students can come together and create routes for change together.
  • Safety and accessibility: availability of Ramps, lifts, location of hearing loops and so on.

Ola Fadipe

Campaign slogan: “Vote for inclusive representation and diverse celebration”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • To create support groups for LGBTQ, BAME and disabled students more visible and improve inclusivity in sport teams.
  • Lobby the university to continue to close awarding gaps across all demographics and to expand the Buddy scheme.
  • Inclusion of more diverse foods on campus including halal, vegetarian and vegan.

Ben Lavender

Campaign slogan: “Make diversity diverse again”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • A monthly public forum for students to voice their concern.
  • Lobbying the university to ensure that all speakers are given a fair chance to visit hull.
  • Promote more creative oriented societies ensuring students do not feel side-lined in their interests.

Lilly Rockett

Campaign slogan: “It’s time to vote for justice, it’s time to vote for Lilly”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Work with UOH to improve building accessibility for students with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with lecturers to embrace the use of more online learning resources such as recorded lectures.
  • Support students that are parents with more child friendly zones.

Abiodun King

Campaign slogan: “no one should be left behind, Vote Abiodun and together we can make a positive change”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Collaborate with every interest group to ensure everyone is carried around.
  • Campaign against sexual assault and provide a support system to encourage students to speak up
  • Work to foster unity amongst home students and international students.