By Kat Birch

President of Opportunities: Supports you as a Student group member.

According to HUSU’s standing order, the President of Opportunities is required to “Embrace the values of HUSU and be a positive change agent for Students.” The President of Opportunities is there to engage with students and encourage participation.

The President of Opportunities is also the representative for sports clubs, societies, student media and student-led volunteer groups. They are also HUSU’s principal representative for Student media and Volunteering. They are involved in the support, promotion and development of all student societies, and are the principal representative for Raising and Giving (RAG).

Other responsibilities involve chairing the Sports Clubs Council, Societies Council and the Student-led Media meetings.

If you are involved in a Sports Club, Society, Student Media or Student-led Volunteering Group. Then the President of Opportunities is your first port of call. Their approach and strategy within this role will impact how your society is promoted and supported. If you participate in any extra-curricular activities at university, then you might want to pay particularly close attention to the President of Opportunities.


‘Wuyi Adedoyin

Campaign Slogan: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Focus on Employability.
  • Make sports more enjoyable for all through “effective and smooth coordination of athletic events”.
  • Improve awareness of volunteering opportunities.
  • “Work to create a thriving Angels project”.

Ebenezer Aniemeka

Campaign Slogan: “FOR LASTING CHANGE Vote for #1 PEACEMAKER for President of Opportunities”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Increase the participation of students with special needs in sports.
  • Collaborate with local firms to create job opportunities.
  • Create a “tech-focussed club”.

Emily Clifford

Campaign Slogan: “Give EM an OPPORTUNITY to make a difference. Vote EM #1 for PRESIDENT OF OPPORTUNITIES.”

Key Manifesto Points:

  • Raise awareness of the participation grant so more students can get involved in sports societies.
  • Supporting and involving the LGBTQ+ community.
  • More Employability and volunteering events

You can read each candidates full manifesto here.