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The Top 5 Binge-worthy series on Netflix

By 5th May 2020 No Comments

By Maddie Callaghan

As a third-year student, I would love to be able to say that I’m not a Netflix addict. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case. Between lectures, it’s easy to flick on the TV and watch a couple of episodes of your current show that’s lingering on your ‘continue watching’ list. When you have any spare time, or even when you don’t have the time and then BOOM. You realised you have finished your current series and now what? Do you follow the crowd and watch what everyone else is watching? Do you have a google search on what to watch? Well here is a quick top 5 of my personal favourite series on Netflix which are totally binge-worthy. 

The Good Place

Holy Forking Shirtballs I became addicted. This TV show is about the afterlife, not quite heaven and not quite hell. Instead, you are either placed in the Good Place or the Bad Place, depending on how you spent your time on Earth while you were alive. Eleanor Shellstrop, a narcissistic and unpleasant being somehow winds up in the Good Place, where she realises, she is not meant to be…

Funny, sad and weird. All the ingredients for a binge-worthy series and I was honestly heartbroken (still am) that it is over. 

Sex Education

I followed the crowd for this one, mainly because I’d get the “have you seen Sex Education” question far too many times. It is cringy as the day is long and often ends with my reverting my eyes during some of the scenes. Even though it is literally America left, right and center and the only thing making it English is the characters having English accents, it is still binge-worthy. Based on teenagers and their discovery into sexual activity is an inaccurate representation of every single British teenager, but still, I am addicted.


HEAR. ME. OUT. This is an opinion piece. Therefore, I can say whatever I like. Yes, ok this is poor acting and literally doesn’t even make sense half the time, but Riverdale is still on my top 5. The reasoning behind this is the difference in storylines and the lack of a consistent genre. You have mild horror, romance, comedy, and thriller rolled into one. For me, it is something gripping and simply easy to watch. In fact, I don’t even know what a synopsis would be for Riverdale. A bunch of teens doing things they’re not meant to do, get into trouble and then someone gets hurt/murdered… but not all the time, sometimes someone falls in love or they break up or they get ice cream. WHO KNOWS?!


Well hello, you. This is creepy and totally gripping. With season 2 being released, I didn’t have high hopes and decided to re-watch the first season with a friend before we started season 2. It started to let me down and I almost gave up, until someone told me to see it through and boy was it was worth it. The main character, Joe, seems like a regular guy living in New York and really interested in books until he becomes an insane sociopath turning into a full-blown psychopath, but that is all I can say.

The Last Kingdom

Honestly, one of the best shows on Netflix. The drama keeps you on the edge of your seat (or bed) and leaves you wanting more. Also, Uthred of Bebbanburg is a bit of a looker, so that’s another reason to watch. Set in the late 9th century England, the competition between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons is ongoing and Uthred fights both sides to regain what was once stolen from him. Although it has been said this has not reached the heights of Vikings (available on Amazon Prime) I believe this to have surpassed it.