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SPAR is going eco-friendly

By 5th May 2020 No Comments

By Maddie Callaghan

Moaning about spending 12p for a plastic bag? Well, don’t buy them then!

With the ongoing climate situation and many people making small changes to lower their carbon footprint, SPAR has jumped on the bandwagon. Wooden spoons replacing the plastic ones, paper bags for fruit and the bakery and more vegan options! It’s a small step and everything counts.

Photo: Maddie Callaghan 

Whereas some people may dispute the effort made by SPAR implying that it is not all eco-friendly and they still sell plastic items. It is a small step for a big change. A supervisor from SPAR had said “The fruit and veg we buy is loose, so we don’t use plastic there” and “the packaging used for water bottles and ready meals that we buy is recycled.” So even their plastic that they use is recycled plastic. 

With SPAR making a change to become more eco-friendly, you should too. Purchasing a reusable shopping bag for your weekly shops can make a world of difference and clear the space under your sink. Purchase a few and place them in different bags or pockets and save yourself the dreaded 12p charge.