Arts & CultureIssue 002

Hull gets its claim to fame

By 5th May 2020 No Comments

By Alice Longton

Even after the excitement and fortuity of City of Culture, I still think that Hull isn’t as well known as it should. Obviously, it’s no London, but this city has a great sense of community, with endless opportunities for events and projects in the coming years. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to see the streets of Hull’s old town heavily featured in Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield.  

Photo: Geograph

Of course, it’s hardly recognisable to some with the Victorian landscape and décor, but any local would easily spot the familiar layout of Trinity Square of Whitefriargate. There’s also something truly exciting about watching Hugh Laurie sit on the steps that are opposite the vegetarian restaurant you’ve walked past so many times before. To think that I can now walk along a street that Dev Patel himself as also walked down. It’s all just so exciting. I’m just so sad I missed the opportunity to meet everybody. Although, I’m more annoyed at the fact that my friend saw Peter Capaldi on her lunch break and didn’t even tell me! The nerve…

Regardless of my missed opportunities, Iannucci’s period dramedy is certain to bring many more opportunities to Hull. Old Town is rich and alive with culture and history, so to have it projected onto the big screen may bring in a whole hoard of other directors and film teams to our doorstep. Even if it doesn’t, it’s pretty cool to think that I’m standing were so many great actors stood, and I’m sure that many other locals will feel just as joyful as I did when they see the film.