Issue 003 | January 2021

Editors Note -
At The Hullfire, this year promised an opportunity to start a new. A chance to bring in a fresh team, new and exciting ideas and transform into a society for the first time in our extensive history. Despite all of the limitations we have faced so far, I am proud to say that we have still managed to achieve every one of these steps. While it is not exactly as we imagined, having to focus mainly on online content and enjoying limited socials, I am so immensely proud of the hard work and resilience of the team we have managed to create. And so, with this, I present to you a culmination of our work so far as a society and as a new brand. I hope you enjoy and appreciate what we have created and that you feel inspired to get involved in the new year.

Charlotte JudeEditor and President of The Hullfire Newspaper Society

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