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Hull University Opinion Statement

By 16th December 2020 October 10th, 2021 No Comments

A spokesperson at the University of Hull said: “The University values academic freedom and is committed to promoting and encouraging free debate and enquiry in a constructive context. This includes the Freedom of Speech and Expression on issues which can sometimes be sensitive, contentious and divisive.

“We want all our students to feel they can share their opinions and challenge the viewpoints of others, and that they have a stimulating environment for healthy debate. With this, however, comes a responsibility to be respectful and considerate to others in how such points of discussion are expressed.

“It will never be possible for thousands of people from such a diverse range of backgrounds to agree with each other on every single issue, but we do expect that everyone who chooses Hull (for it is a choice) to respect our core value of inclusivity when they join us.

“We all have a moral responsibility to challenge hate speech and discrimination in our community. Investigating such allegations in line with our conduct policies means we can help and can identify problem areas needing more work.

“Ultimately, we all want the same thing – a safe space where people from all different backgrounds and characteristics are able to live, work and study while feeling valued, respected and free to be themselves. Freedom of speech is both a right and a privilege in the UK and is welcomed at our University, but it still comes with responsibility.”