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A Distanced Award Ceremony

| Issue 001, Uncategorised | No Comments
By Alice Longton With the country, and most of the world, in the midst of a viral pandemic, universities all over the country have had to suspend all studying, resources,…

Coronavirus is now in the UK

| Issue 001 | No Comments
Specialists say not to panic and that infrastructures are in place to contain the virus. By: Maddie Callaghan Two members of the same family who have travelled back from Wuhan…

A nightmare before Christmas for nursing students at the University of Hull

| Issue 001, News | No Comments
Looking into the situation surrounding the forced suspension of some nursing students at Hull University By Maddie Callaghan Some nursing students have been denied the opportunity to continue with their…

A weird little gym family at Hull University

| Issue 001 | No Comments
A powerlifting sport team has come to Hull, but they haven't come quietly... By Joseph Sheperd & Brandon Sewell Powerlifting is a sport consisting of three lifts; the squat, the…

Taylor Swift Steals the Show at the American Music Awards 2019

| Issue 001, Music | No Comments
Full of glitz, glamour and plenty of drama: this year’s American Music Awards did not disappoint. By Maisie Scannell Credit: Suvan Chowdury Selena Gomez made a comeback after two years…


| Issue 001, News | No Comments
Kexgill vs Unicom: The Game Is On… By Eleanor Dawson Unicom started the hilarity when they parked quite a large sign outside the University Quarters’ new offices. When making such…
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