Under this title I put together an off-campus Housing fayre (which has had to be virtual since the pandemic)

However, we are looking forward to hopefully having an in-person fayre early next year. Alongside this, HUSU runs a campaign directed at students called NO RUSH, NO PRESSURE NO PROBLEM. These messages are delivered at strategic points in the year to get the message out there that students do not need to RUSH and sign housing contracts. NO PRESSURE says yes, we offer you a housing fayre but there is no pressure to sign, we want to give you options. Finally, NO PROBLEM gets the message out there that it is not a problem if you haven’t found your next student home, there are more properties than students and we can help, just come along and see us. We have put together a handy Community Handbook which is situated on our resource hub on the HUSU website. https://hulluniunion.com/develop/resources

To form links with the community we offer a Waste Wednesday Micro Litter Pick, which encourages students to help the environment whilst also making new friends. We also offer societies the chance to participate as part of social gathering for their society groups. We have also linked up with worthy causes like Help the Hedgehogs & link in with local & nationwide clean up initiatives. We leave student central every Wednesday @ 1.30pm booking @ https://hulluniunion.com/events/id/3026-waste-wednesday-micro-litter-picks

To assist further with this cause, we offer alongside Hull City Council THE PINK BAG Scheme for when students move out we are in our 4th year now & will be launching this scheme again in April 2022. by the HUSU president.

Making connections with the local community also offers up Community volunteering opportunities which are advertised on THE HUSU website. https://hulluniunion.com/join-in/volunteering or the chance to set up your own student led volunteering project.