President of Sport Manifestos

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The candidates running for President of Sport and their manifestos are:




Vote Jenny: tackling your issues and reaching for your goals!

Jenny Berthelemy for President of Sport

Vote Jenny: tackling your issues and reaching for your goals!

Why me?

I am currently the Representative for Women in Sport, and have focused on promoting female athletes. If elected, I would work with the University to promote all student athletes on social media.

I have experience working with HUSU and the AU. I believe more communication is needed from the AU about how and why we make decisions.

Having been an active member of both Boat Club and Women’s Rugby Union during university, I am passionate about engaging students with sport. I will encourage students to attend Wednesday and weekend games, and work on turning Wednesdays into an event for the whole University.

I will support and represent all sports teams within the University, firstly with a huge push for recruitment, then the promotion of all games and competitions.

What I will do:

Return to sport support

Ensure all teams and committees are offered support to help with the return of sport.

Intramural weekends throughout the year.

Continued support if sports move back online.

Promotion of sport

Continue Team of the Trimester, and introduce Sportsperson of the Week.

Show games live in Sanc.

As well as promoting Wednesday afternoons on campus, I will highlight weekend and off-campus events.

Increased transparency

Encourage students to attend AU Exec meetings.

Share meeting minutes on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Twitter:




Vote Sian #1 for President of Sport to REBUILD, REBRAND, and REBOOST sport at Hull #Sian4Sport

I’m Sian Doherty and I’m re-running for President of Sport! #Sian4Sport

To find out more information about me and my campaign you can check out my social media:

Facebook: Sian4Sport

Instagram: @sian_doherty95

TikTok: siandoherty

Now, back to my manifesto! I plan to REBUILD, REBRAND, and REBOOST sport at Hull.


– Rebuild club structure, traditions and have more alumni events (e.g. varsity)

– Rebuild communications between regional university unions to share advice and events

– Rebuild the sports events calendar for the different awareness months


– Rebrand all AU events/fixtures by creating an online AU calendar

– Rebrand match days by promoting/providing live coverage of fixtures and competitions

– Rebrand the AU as inclusive and accessible by introducing new policies and training


– Reboost investment in AU clubs and recreational sporting events (e.g. competitions between accommodations)

– Reboost employability of club committee and members by working with Student Futures (Careers)

– Reboost the work I have done this year (e.g. LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport & the Movember campaign)

I have loved being HUSU’s President of Sport this year and I am so proud of all the hard work the AU teams have put in despite the circumstances! I would love the chance to REBUILD, REBRAND and REBOOST sport at Hull and help lead the AU teams out of this pandemic to become stronger than ever. Please consider voting Sian #1 for President of Sport so I can provide stable and consistent leadership!