President of the Student’s Union Manifestos

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The candidates running for President of the Student Union and their manifestos are:



Vote Phoebe, always putting YOU 1st! Finishing what I’ve started and MORE…

Let’s get S.A.S.S.I.E.R!


I will:

Continue to lobby for increased biodiversity; rooftop gardens and finish the wildlife reserve

Tackle food waste, single-use plastics and improve recycling


I will continue:

To lobby the Uni to cover placement and graduation costs

My student credits project to give ALL students the funds to join sports teams and societies


I will continue:

Making Wellbeing Champs and Hull Uni Angels partnership projects with HUSU

My work to tackle sexual violence and lobby for the introduction of specialised support

Lobbying the Uni for comprehensive mental health support for ALL students


I will:

Lobby the Uni for increased security, the council for better lighting and the Govt. to recognise public sexual harassment as a crime

Make the consent training I developed, mandatory


I will:

Continue to tackle issues of racism in the SU and the Uni

Lobby Uni Estates to deliver wheelchair accessible buildings and gender-neutral toilets

Improve support for International Students, reinstating Global Cafés


I will:

Ensure guidance for ALL students in achieving THEIR goals

Support you with volunteering and activities, to enhance your cv and experience


I will:

Lobby the Govt. through protests, for tuition fees refunds

Increase library opening hours

Maintain the no detriment policy for as long as you need it

Lobby for catch-up support for ALL students



Vote Ano #1 Let’s SEE Change!       

Hi, my name is Ano, and I am running to be your Students’ Union President to make sure we have our voices heard. I want to build on the great work that has been accomplished in the last few years. This past year has exposed fundamental issues, so let us SEE real lasting change.

Safety & Support

  • Ensuring as we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, the support for students continues.
  • Prioritising students’ safety by campaigning for the necessary support once nightclubs open.
  • Continue the work to ensure that our students feel safe on and around our campus.


  • Provide workshops on how to maximize volunteering and work experience opportunities.
  • Networking – creating more opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills.
  • Working with employers both regionally and nationally to give students job specific knowledge.


  • Give students a yearly opportunity to vote for their priorities, through a referendum.
  • Create more opportunities for students to engage with the Students Union.
  • Increase the outreach of the Union.

I am currently a student trustee, representing students on the board of trustees. I have also previously been elected BAME officer, where I created more opportunities for students to campaign on issues important to them. My promise to you is to work to deliver to you LASTING CHANGE! You can find more information about my campaign at: voteANO4pres.