President of Activities Manifestos

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The candidates running for President of Activities and their manifestos are:



Vote Huey #1 Breathe New Life into Student Activities, Develop Representation and Put Students First

Hi, my name is Huey, I am running to be your next President of Activities

My Plan for Student Activities

–              Breathe new life into Student Activities by supporting student groups that have struggled due to the Coronavirus

–              Make students’ lives easier by streamlining the paperwork and bureaucracy of societies into a new simpler system

–              Lobby the University and parliament for a fund to rebuild student activities through events, showcases and recruitment

–              Plan a calendar of student and community led events to bring student culture back to Campus

–              Continue to develop spaces for students to address their concerns with a focus on listening and resolving problems

–              Be a representative for all students and hold the wellbeing of student led activities as my top priority.

My time in Hull has been amazing and I now consider Hull my second home. Over the past 4 years I have volunteered at every level in the Activities Zone, as a Society Treasurer, a Societies Mentor, Chair of the Activities Zone and Chair of the RAG Committee. I have also represented students as a Trustee for the past 2 years.  All of these roles have given me the knowledge, experience, and passion that I will take into the role of President.

This year has been hard for everyone, if I am elected, I will make it my mission to ensure that we breathe new life into student activities in Hull and have a year worth remembering!

Please consider voting for me!

Find me and more info on FB at:




Fair Representation, Continued Support, Equal Opportunities? Vote Ellis Leonard #1 for Activities

Having already spent a year as President of Activities, Covid-19 has posed many challenges this year, especially when my previous manifesto was written before the pandemic. My work is not done yet, and there is so much more I want to do that has been side-lined to work on arising pandemic priorities! That can only be done by Voting Ellis Leonard #1 for Activities!

Activities Action Plan;

-Continue my work on Academic Societies and Auto-enrolment

-Publicity support, advertising events, socials, and general activities

-A further look into funding, sponsorship, budgeting etc

-Involve more students in events; End of Year Ball, WelcomeFest etc

-Online calendar; student events, union events

-Activities Zone Overhaul – Continuing review of policy and updates, looking at society clothing shop, societies logo and official colours, academic and non-academic society funds etc

-Workshops for Committees, hone skills to help with employability

Covid-19 Dependent;

-Employability opportunities in societies

-Networking with Academic Societies to gain opportunities post-pandemic

-Look into involving local business on campus to give students more local opportunities

-University spaces for Student groups; looking at gaining more available spaces

-Expand on support in Volunteering opportunities across Hull

There is so much more that I want to do, and things that I am working towards still! so check out my Social Medias! Vote Ellis Leonard #1 for Activities!