President of Education Manifestos

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The candidates running for President of Education and their manifestos are:


Vote for the BEST candidate to represent student interests in Education. #1 Callum Best

If elected as your President of Education, I would relentlessly devote myself to improving students’ academic life at the University. The three ways I plan to do this are as follows:

  • Improve the transparency and accountability of decision making, within/between faculties and departments on matters that affect students.
  • Identifying and tackling the dismissive “it can’t be done” attitude, that students are often met with when trying to raise a problem.
  • Listening to students personally, as the problems faced by the student body are constantly changing, and to effectively tackle them, it is crucial to listen to what they are at the time.

I believe that there should less barriers between students and those who make the decisions that affect them. If elected, I will work to ensure this. I also want to push to broaden module options and extend access to free electives.

Finally, in the spirit of transparency, if elected, I will not be seeking re-election next year; with the intention of applying for a masters. Therefore, I will focus all my energy into helping students in the above, and any other way I can.

So, Vote #1 Callum Best. The BEST, candidate, for Education.


Vote Grace for President of Education to be the echo of Students’ voices

I am Grace Burnett, a third year Music student who has represented students in various ways from being a Course Rep to being Councillor for Scrutiny and Chair for the Education Zone this academic year. This has allowed me to work alongside various different people, through things like Union council, Zone Meetings and various forums. If I were elected as your President of Education, I would be committed to challenge any barriers to learning whether this be because of a disability or other issues.

The past year, being a student has brought various challenges therefore I would work with the other Presidents to encourage that the academic support is relevant and accessible for ALL students, through students having regular meetings with their Personal Supervisors as well as making sure the support from the Union is accessible. I would work with Academic Reps and Part time Officers to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve. This would be done by having more social events as well as RepFest and the Education Zone Open Meetings. I aim that this will create a better community in the Zone amongst Postgraduate students as well as Undergraduates.

I would carry on the campaigns the current President of Education has started so these are continued to be lobbied by the Union and University collaboratively.

Elect me as your President of Education and I will be the echo of Student Voices.

Email- G.burnett-2018@hull.ac.uk

Facebook- Grace Burnett



Hello, I’m Ovie Enuku and I am running for the position of President of Education.

Over the past few months, I have volunteered as the Postgraduate Taught Officer. In this role I have been able to contribute immensely to the growth of the union and proffer solutions to the issues faced by a variety of Postgraduate Students. This position has helped me gather the appropriate experience to represent YOU and YOUR academic life here at HUSU.

If elected, I’ll:

  • Get value for money (Tuition Fees)
  • Push for more Financial Assistance for students.
  • Push for a smooth Post Covid transition to face-to-face campus activities.
  • Push for a safe Graduation Ceremony.
  • Create Student Guides and Community Learning.
  • Create Student Participation and feedback system.
  • Push for more Postgraduate Bursaries and engagement



Peace Igi-Ehon – Vote Peace of mind  #VotePeace21 #VotePeace4Change

Hi! My name is Peace and being a student during the pandemic I understand how tough studying has been for all of us. As your President of Education I will make sure that you receive the support and guidance you need during these difficult times. As your president I will:

  • Lobby the university to continue self-certification after the pandemic. I will petition the University to continue using self- certification to apply for an extension or mitigating circumstances.
  • Push the university to improve the personal supervisor system. I will push for supervisors to meet with their students to help provide academic and pastoral support and that there is a written agreement of the expectations students can have of their personal supervisor.
  • Collaborate with the university to open all floors of the library, especially during busy assessment periods throughout the pandemic. Reopening to normal library hours will allow students to have access to books and a seat to work at.
  • Work to close the BAME awarding gap that has increased during the pandemic. I will work with the university to identify the key issues that have caused the awarding gap to widen and provide key solutions to ensure educational equality for all students.

A vote for me is a vote for change.  Vote Peace for President of Education. You can reach me on Facebook at Peace for President of Education, and at P.Igi-Ehon-2018@hull.ac.uk