By Renée Ramerman

Over the past year, businesses all over the country have shown us just how persistent, creative and flexible they are. Despite the constant changes and restrictions of a national lockdown, these businesses have been able to adapt to the current situation. Because of them, we have enjoyed coffees on the go, had our favourite products delivered to our doorsteps, and felt safe in the process.

However, this continuing need for flexibility and the ever-changing Government advice has caused many entrepreneurs to struggle. Many female business owners are currently leading their businesses through a global pandemic, whilst also up-keeping other responsibilities such as guiding their children through homeschooling and taking care of vulnerable family members. To recognise these great efforts, the National Business Women’s Awards have added 2 brand-new categories to this year’s event: Lockdown Leader and Business Chameleon. Events & PR, the organization behind the NBWA, wants those struggling to feel heard and supported. “We are excited that the National Business Women’s Awards are back to recognise the achievements of these women across a wide range of business categories.” Says Damain Cummins, Awards Director at Events & PR.

The first new award, Lockdown Leader, will go to someone that has continued to motivate and inspire her team under these exceptionally difficult circumstances. It takes tremendous effort to stay passionate while working from home and leading without losing sight of the business’s vision. This leader has been a source of strength and security to her team during these times of uncertainty.

Business Chameleon, the second new award this year, will go to someone that has shown great adaptability in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak. This could be someone that has diversified to offer new products and services, changed their business model or taken their business online. It might even go to someone that has changed their entire career path. Anyone that has shown to be capable of change under these stressful circumstances has a chance to win this award.

The NBWA’s mission is to celebrate these lockdown success stories and show exactly what female entrepreneurs are capable of. Damian Cummins elaborates: “Now, more than ever, we want to recognise the achievements of incredible business women and give them something to look forward to.” These awards offer a moment to reflect on the positive impact these entrepreneurs have made over the past year.

In addition to the newest awards to win, the NBWA will give out awards in 19 more categories, including Business Woman of the Year, which has been split into 4 separate awards to promote inclusivity. These 4 awards are divided according to the business’s turnover, ranging from less than a £1 million turnover to over £25 million.

Photo includes L-R: Jonny Nelson (MC), Claire Webber (Liebherr GB) Bonnie May, Global Infusion Group (Overall Winner 2019), Sara Searle (Liebherr GB)


The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London on Friday 29th October 2021. The National Business Women’s Awards are currently open for pre-entry until May 11th. Entering costs £45. (This will be £65 once the pre-entry has ended.) For more information, visit the National Business Women’s Awards website:

Special thanks to @nbwaawardsuk for their information

Cover Image Credit: Events & PR