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Three things I wish everyone knew about pole dancing. Because life is just better upside down

By 17th September 2019 No Comments

By Amy Smith

I tried my first pole fitness class 5 years ago on a complete whim. I have danced all my life, but you know, in the usual way… on the ground. But you know what? Life’s better upside down.

Pole fitness has grown incredibly popular lately, but at the time, I didn’t know anyone who did it. I went to my first class feeling nervous, with no idea what to expect. When I walked into the studio I was immediately at ease.

Five years later, and I have my own professional pole for my home and can do moves I never would’ve dreamed of being able to do 5 years ago. Although I have been mainly self-taught over the 4 years, I joined the Universities pole fitness society in my final year, giving me a chance to perform for the first time.

“Pole fitness is not only great for building strength and working out. It also helps individuals feel more empowered and confident within themselves. It is great stress relief, boosts body confidence and positivity, and allows individuals to be a part of a community”– Jessica Cavallo, President of the Pole Fitness Society

1. It keeps you fit, but isn’t a chore

It involves strength training, endurance training, cardiovascular benefits and flexibility training all into one workout. If you hate the gym or normal workouts, something like pole fitness is amazing! It is an incredible workout, but it doesn’t feel like one.

2. It really ISN’T gender-biased

A lot of people wrongly think that pole fitness is only for women. This really isn’t the case. For most people, pole fitness is viewed as nothing more than a sport. It is a perfect mix of gymnastics and dancing – and like those two practices, there is no reason for there to be a gender bias. In fact, guys normally really excel at it due to the upper-body strength orientated nature of pole. If you don’t believe me, check out Greshilov Evgeny on Instagram – winner of the 2012 world pole sport championships.

3. It is a sport and an art

Have you always wanted to do something sporty, but not felt like you’re someone who would enjoy the usual team sports? Or have you ever wanted to learn to dance, or unleash your creative side? Pole fitness, or pole sport as some call it now, allows these things. You can also choose to concentrate on either one of these if you like. Some people really incorporate dance routines and lyrical movements into their pole practice, whereas others treat it purely as gymnastics.