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Ole’s at the WHEEL! and he’s got 3 years insurance…

By 17th September 2019 No Comments

By Rebecca Solway

Ole’s at the wheel, tell me how good does it feel… to be a Manchester United fan right now? After a series of bad performances and disappointing results under Mourinho, the Red Devils were feeling hopeless- tough decisions had to be made in order to turn their fortunes around. Mourinho was sacked and Ole was made interim manager to steady the ship until the end of the season.

Upon his return, but this time as manager, Manchester United’s club legend was faced with a daunting task of reviving the hopes of the fans, as they were 11 points off the top 4 in the Premier League. In only a couple of months, the ‘baby faced assassin’ has carried the team to only 3 points away from the supposed title challengers at the start of the season, Tottenham. This isn’t even the best we’ve seen of Ole’s managerial success at United… with an arguably second string 11, and a suspended Paul Pogba, he managed to do something no team has ever done before in the Champions league; coming from 2 goals down at home and making it through, winning in the away leg. And if that wasn’t enough, this victory was won against one of the competition’s favourite’s PSG.

It seems that Ole was a breath of fresh air for the club, and the players were finally attacking with a spring in their step again. His successes have been rewarded with a 3-year contract at Old Trafford, making his dreams come true. It looks like Ole might be sticking around for a while… is this new-found success giving fans false hope for the future? It could be argued that a 3-year contract is a risky move for a manager with limited experience… Manchester United may be thriving with Ole at the wheel right now, but we’ll have to wait and see whether he continues this success or crashes and burns