Written by Lou Charlton


Madam C.J Walker

Born in Louisiana in 1867, Walker suffered from hair loss due to a scalp condition and utilised the market gap by creating a “method of hair care”, promoting her products around the country. She then founded her own company Madam C.J Walker Manufacturing Company, where she trained many beauticians and continued promoting her hair care method and products.


Michael Jordan

After playing 15 seasons in the NBA and being told he was at a disadvantage due to his short stature, Jordan became one of the most recognisable basketball players in the world. After his sporting success he secured a brand partnership with Nike and created the Air Jordan sneaker. As one of Nike’s most sold out and desired shoe, the Jordans commemorate Michael’s basketball career despite his playing days being over.


Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Despite their fame spouting from their success in music, the married couple also run their own successful enterprises. Jay Z owns Roc Nation label, Rocawear apparel, Tidal streaming service and a series of restaurants as he is constantly expanding his empire. Beyonce owns the athleisure brand Ivy Park, with herself and her children being the primary image of the brand. Its popularity is ever-growing as athleisure clothes are growing in popularity.


George Foreman

Most known for his boxing career, he also invented the George Foreman Grill used to promote healthier and faster grilling. Alongside his passion for lifestyle and fitness, he is also a motivational speaker sharing inspiration and his personal experiences and lessons he learnt from them.


Chris Gardner

After struggling with homelessness and financial issues, he took advantage of stockbroking and founded his own brokerage firm – Gardner Rich & Co – in 1987. After turning his life around, he sold his minority stake and wrote his memoir sharing his journey to success.


Photo Credit Joshua Kantarges via Unsplash