By Amber Wiles

All books in the LGBTQIA+ Book Recommendations series have been sourced in collaboration with the Book Society and Film Society, alongside The Hullfire team.


Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin

The second novel from legendary author James Baldwin set in 1950’s Paris follows an American man who is unable to repress his sexuality any longer. After proposing to a woman, the man finds himself in a bar where he meets an Italian bartender with who he begins a passionate affair. Although less than 200 pages this novel manages to explore the mystery and complexities of love with true depth .

The Picture of Dorian Grey – Oscar Wilde

In Oscar Wilde’s novel about a man who sells his soul in exchange for eternal youth, Wilde wrote his most controversial and famous work. Dorian Gray examines the morality of life, and the consequences that arise from an amoral life. Considered one of the foremost pieces of Gothic literature, this is an absolute must read for all gothic fans out there.

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name ­– Audre Lorde

In this genre defying novel from Audre Lorde who described the text as biomythography a combination of; myth; biography and history comes a novel about the women that shaped the Lorde’s life, from her childhood in Harlem up to the point of writing the text. Audre Lorde is one of the foremost literary voices of the 20th century, and Zami is but one of her phenomenal works.


Photo Credit: Robert Anasch via Unsplash