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How Netball Squad Has Shaped My University Experience

By 5th December 2019 No Comments

The big family – Netball

By Eleanor Leetham

Credit: Eleanor Leetham

“Degrees take up a lot of time” is something we’ve probably all thought. Whether it’s missing out on going to a party, or that new film you wanted to see, a lot of time is spent in the library instead. We sat down with Squad Captain, Eleanor Leetham to talk all things Netball.
While at school, I was a huge part of the sports department, competing in events and spending most of my time there.
Arriving at University, I decided to take a step back from sport to focus on my degree. However, looking back, I now realise this was a huge mistake. I felt lonely, bored and isolated, prompting me to join a sports team in my second year.
Within a month I was hooked on Netball. I was a full-time Netball Squad member and couldn’t get enough.
I’m now in my third year as a Squad Captain and can honestly say joining was the best decision I have ever made at university. It has helped to improve my confidence, build lifelong friendships and enabled me to play a sport I adore. Netball Squad has become a lifeline for me.
The team is full of mature, loving and supportive women who encourage each other to achieve their potential. When I joined Netball Squad, I assumed it was a time filler, but now I see it as the complete opposite; it’s a dysfunctional family I did not know I needed until I became a member of the madness!