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Hull’s very own Diagon Alley Trinity Market: the hidden gem of Old Town

By 16th September 2019 No Comments

Written by Peter Knight

Trinity Market is a hidden gem of Hull’s Old Town; however, ‘hidden’ is bad for business. In 2017, Trinity Market had a £3million rejuvenation. Like Hull’s very own Diagon Alley, Trinity Market is nestled away behind the buildings of Old Town, with only a set of double doors giving any indication it was there, but once inside opens out into a grand Victorian bazaar with a glazed panel roof, wide-open spaces and an abundance of stalls, kiosks and vendors.

Upon entering from Trinity House Lane you’ll find yourself in the food court, a must-visit for any student wandering near Old Town. Trinity Market boasts an eclectic mix of food and drinks, from butchers to burritos and everything in between.

The food court is an excellent place to grab a quick bite to eat if you find yourself near the Old Town, instead of settling for a chain in one of the shopping centres, why not make the short walk to Trinity Market to enjoy some delicious and affordable gourmet street food.

There is an array to choose from, pizza cones and sweet potato fries from Cone Queen; or an award-winning burger from Shoot The Bull. Perhaps if conical pizza is not your thing you can try Alessandro’s Italian bakery, or if you’re after something lighter, Trinity Delicatessen offers an assortment of sandwiches, sausage rolls and jacket potatoes. For the connoisseur, Tart Me Up offer freshly baked handmade sweet and savoury tarts as well as delicious soup; and for the vegetarians, Falafia serves fresh falafel, dahls, soups and salads. Then to wash it all down; Caffeinated serves locally roasted coffee from The Blending Room; while Hotham’s crafted gin is sure to finish your visit with a flourish. There are many other stalls selling a range of food and drink so pop down and find out for yourself!

Even if you find you’re not hungry, Trinity Market still has a whole arcade of shops for you to discover, with handcrafted jewellery and artwork, a boutique florist, a prestigious record shop, and a specialist in fair-trade clothing.

While I am barely scratching the surface of what Trinity Market has to offer, I hope that should you find yourself near the Old Town, you’ll pay a visit and see for yourself. Or, you might be interested in the Hull Street Food Night, held on the first Thursday of every month, where the market will be opening out onto Trinity Square for an evening of culinary delights late into the evening.

So, here’s hoping that if you didn’t know about Trinity Market, you’ll take this opportunity to go and experience this hidden gem and spread the word so that it doesn’t remain hidden from students for much longer.