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Gig Review: Turin Brakes Bring a Fantastic Acoustic Set to Cottingham

By 5th December 2019 No Comments

Our music editor Maisie braves the cold for a gig in Cottingham, was it worth it?

By Maisie Scannell

On the first cold and dark December eve of 2019, four-piece folk and progressive rock band, Turin Brakes, transformed the Civic Hall in Cottingham into an atmospheric gig venue with their intimate acoustic set. The darkened room was rich with a buzz of anticipation and excitement. The tapping feet and swaying heads, as people drifted into a brief sense of escapism created by each song, made it clear that the audience has grown with the band and watched the progression of their career through the albums dating back to 2001. Their music has not faltered, and it is surprising that they are not reaching a wider younger audience.

Chatting and joking whilst they tuned their instruments, something which can make an intimate gig like this one even more special.

Supported by Essex singer-songwriter, Kevin Pearce, the band played a mix of old hits and new tracks. Their distinctive sound, along with the wonderful voice of front man, Olly, and the talent of fellow band mates, particularly guitar solos from Gale, captivated everyone in the room. This was further enhanced by the rapport built up with the audience: chatting and joking whilst they tuned their instruments, something which can make an intimate gig like this one even more special. The band was originally just a duo formed in school comprising of Olly and Gale; their creative talents and hard work can not go unnoticed as they are constantly writing and touring. Their extensive 18-month tour around the UK, Europe, and Australia followed by a rapid return to studio writing sessions is just one example of this. Signed to an indie label, Cooking Vinyl, the band now has four members with a ninth studio album under their belts.

Sitting in a line onstage, rather than the usual band setup, the band joked that they can actually stand, they just choose not to. It was a fitting set up for the nature of the show. They also managed to fit in a mention of the solo albums of the lead singer and bassist. The ‘Underdog’ singers were met with two encores at the end of their gig, to which they pleased the crowd with songs such as their classic ‘Feeling Oblivion’. With their catchy melodies and rhythms, along with their open and honest lyrics, it will be interesting to see what the band will do next.

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